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Best Dirty Jokes: Fairvilla Megastore sign

Best Dirty Jokes

Fairvilla Megastore sign

1740 N. Orange Blossom Trail


The drive down OBT heading toward Apopka is boring and mundane, with little to see except for railroad tracks on one side and small warehouses surrounded by patchy grass on the other. But popping up among the humdrum is a sign that might make you whip your car around to read it again. The exterior of Fairvilla Megastore is pretty low-key unless you count the giant sign in front that often boasts sayings like "We would love to show you our rack – just ask us," "National Masturbation Month – don't forget to celebrate" or "Our rabbits will take you to a different wonderland." Fairvilla's allusions are more sexy snark than heavy innuendo, but either way, it's a nice way to break the tension with the cashier when you make your risqué purchases.