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Best Sitcom-Style Hangout: Achilles Art Cafe

Best Sitcom-Style Hangout

Achilles Art Cafe

2869 Wilshire Drive


Achilles Art Cafe is probably the best-kept secret of the Metrowest neighborhood. Secluded between medical offices, this coffee shop feels like a '90s hangout straight out of Friends. The great food, comfy couches, art, board games, random books, popping playlist and hookah are all part of the atmosphere created by the cafe's grumpy yet lovable owner, Achilles. Known affectionately to all as Ash, Achilles run his business like a tight ship with "Coffeeshop Commandments" written on a small chalkboard. "Be nice. Be polite. Entitlement doesn't fly," is one rule, right under "If you need to nap or cuddle, go home." Don't bring in outside food, and don't think you can come here just to use the free WiFi without purchasing anything because Ash will kick you out and you won't get pity glances from the other patrons. Familiarize yourself with these common-sense manners and Achilles Art Cafe can be a home for you, too.