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Best Local Sucker: White Male Tears lollipop

Best Local Sucker

White Male Tears lollipop

Big Tim's Fancy AF Lollipops

Anyone who's ever gotten stuck in a Facebook argument about Ghostbusters or Doctor Who knows that there's a vocal minority of whiny guys out there who can't handle any sort of change to the genders of fictional characters. They're the same sort of snowflakes who preface sentences with "I'm not racist, but ..." or wonder why there's no such thing as a Straight Pride parade. Thankfully, local craft candy company Big Tim's Fancy AF Lollipops has just the flavor to savor while reading idiotic diatribes from fragile dudes in need of a safe space. Their "White Male Tears" lollipop – actually a delicious blend of salted almond and a hint of vanilla – has a patina of salt on one side for just the right balance of sweet schadenfreude with lachrymose lamentation.