Best Of 2017

Best New Art Space: McRae Art Studios

Best New Art Space

McRae Art Studios

1000 Arlington St.


The art scene's constant mobility means don't get too comfy in your studio, or some developer's gonna buy the block and kick you out. Only old-timers will remember when the McRae studios were actually on McRae Street; after an 18-year stint in Winter Park, this independent collective recently returned to its roots in Orlando and now they're on Arlington Street. Industrial-sized garage doors filter light into both sides of a concrete-floored central gallery space, serenely displaying examples of the 23 artists' work. Airy artist studios and gathering spaces flow through this former auto body shop near the corner of Westmoreland and Colonial. From Snap! to FAVO to McRae to the WestArt District, we have a little art vortex curling around downtown in the making.