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Best "May I Swoop": Dracula

Best "May I Swoop"


Orlando Ballet

October 28-30, 2016

For a few days around Halloween, the Walt Disney Theater at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts was all about the season, hosting Orlando Ballet's over-the-top production of Dracula, as reimagined by choreographer Michael Pink with a gonzoid assist from Ken Russell. Anyone who assumed that the ballet medium would be too ethereal for the gory pulp noir of Bram Stoker got a stake driven through the heart of their preconceptions. The sets were spectacularly dank and gothic, the costumes were amazing, and the body movement was lithe and fluid, suited to the twilit dreamscape of the Dracula legend. The physicality of Daniel Benavides as Dracula was unbelievable – tossing around adversaries like puppets, creeping feral along the stage, seemingly dissolving into mist or shadow, seducing his victims. No tricks, all treat.