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Best reflection of character in bathroom graffiti: Jerry's Nice & Easy Bar and Grill

Best reflection of character 
in bathroom graffiti

Jerry's Nice & Easy Bar and Grill

5470 Hoffner Ave., 407-447-5222

In pen scratched into the wood over the urinal, it reads, "Stop jiggling the handle!" And then, in pencil: "Why?" That men's-room-wall exchange sums up Jerry's – a conversation between dedicated but maybe slightly confused patrons. The Nice & Easy Bar and Grill (they added the "Jerry's" in 2005) is a contender for one of the oldest continuously operating bars in Orlando, and the walls of the men's room are full of proud declarations from people who were "here" at this authentic dive. "I was here," says one anonymous writer. "The water was cold." There is plenty to read (much of the inspiration may come from the drink prices that start with $2.50 PBR tallboys and go through a full liquor bar); the bathroom walls go on to complain about "Fucking Crackers" (it's mostly a country bar, remember). One guy uses a homophobic slur to claim gays aren't allowed and other people jump in with, "Then go home." And the patrons and bartenders are just as likely to talk to you at random as the walls. Personal space ain't exactly priority No. 1, but it's always from a welcoming place.