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Best Orlando-centric Deluxe Reissue: Death, Scream Bloody Gore

Best Orlando-centric Deluxe Reissue

Death, Scream Bloody Gore

May 2016, Relapse Records

Though recorded in Los Angeles, by not-yet-of-legal-drinking-age Chuck Schuldiner and Chris Reifert, Scream Bloody Gore is Florida through and through. Schuldiner was an Orlando resident for much of his life, and the blood-soaked anthems on SBG kickstarted a death metal movement that was very much tied into Central Florida. When Relapse decided to reissue this beautifully ugly document, they went all the way with stunning two-LP and three-CD box sets packed with rehearsal and demo extras, copious liner notes, varying hues of splattered vinyl and painstaking reproductions of the horror movie-worthy cover art. (They even commissioned a limited-edition bobblehead version of it.)