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Best Bathroom to Trip Balls In: Tap & Grind's black-light wonderland

Best Bathroom to Trip Balls In

Tap & Grind's black-light wonderland

59 W. Central Blvd., 407-455-1100,

Not that we're saying that you should drop acid (well, like, you should, but not because we told you to), but if you were to find yourself in an altered state downtown and had need of a beer and a bathroom, the place you should make a beeline to is Tap & Grind. Once you hang a right down the back hallway and get into the beautifully mosaicked water closet, lock the door and play with the lights. One controls a black light that, when paired with darkness, reveals hidden messages and artwork festooned across the tilework. The decor ties right in with the posi-tropical vibe T&G has going, so don't worry that the secret messages are going to send you spiraling into bad trip land. Once you've had your fill, regain your composure, try to erase your permagrin and head back out to the bar room to calm your nerves with a nice, cold beer.