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Best Plucky Organization With a Real Shot at Change: Corrine Calming Coalition

Best Plucky Organization With a Real Shot at Change

Corrine Calming Coalition

The Audubon Park Garden District is a bit of a contradiction. The Orlando neighborhood won a 2016 Great American Main Street Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It's known for its homegrown programming and parties, such as its Bastille Day celebration and Zombietoberfest. Yet the whole place is centered around Corrine Drive, five lanes of crumbling asphalt with few crosswalks and without contiguous sidewalks. Cars zip through at relatively high speeds (much faster than the posted 35 mph limit) leaving pedestrians in the lurch trying to cross from Stardust Video & Coffee to Redlight Redlight in one piece. The Corrine Calming Coalition has been seeking to slow things down in the APGD for more than three years. It's an uphill battle for a flat road that includes getting both Orange County and the City of Orlando to agree on plans and payments. But CCC came closer to the goal by winning grants from Winter Park Health Foundation and Healthy Central Florida to hold a charrette where the public can come and give input on possible redesigns. Maybe one day a trip from Park Ave CDs to East End Market won't feel like a game of Frogger.