Best Of 2016

Best Neighborhood on the Edge: Milk District, East Robinson Street

Best Neighborhood on the Edge

Milk District, East Robinson Street

Anchored by the monochromatic monolith that is T.G. Lee Dairy (when will they let someone mural their massive white walls!?), this black-sheep neighborhood is on the up and up. Its affordable, gently run-down apartment buildings and bungalows, only a five-minute bike ride from downtown, have sheltered a smorgasbord of creatives and hipsters over the years, resulting in a strong, quirky retail scene. Long-held tenants like Sportstown Billiards, Etoile Boutique and Kyle's Bike Shop are shoulder-to-shoulder with newer bars – gnome-sized venues that encourage heavy craft-beer drinking to stay cool (in both the temperature and with-it-ness senses) – and new foodie favorites Se7en Bites Bakeshop and Market on South. Tasty Tuesdays and the Milk District Market bring in the crowds on a regular basis, making this one of the most happening districts in Orlando. Unfortunately all of this has brought out the wolves: Developers are circling the neighborhood, buying up and tearing down older properties and raising rents, thus driving out both longterm residents and the plucky people who made the neighborhood what it is right now.