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Best Shopping to Help Others: Orlando Strong T-shirt collection

Best Shopping to Help Others

Orlando Strong T-shirt collection,

Post-Pulse, we were all looking for a way to help. Some gave blood, some gave time, and some helped by spending their retail dollars. Local printers Go Big set up a storefront for T-shirts and handled the printing, ordering, shipping and donation of proceeds to the GLBT Community Center of Orlando for any artist who contributed a design, including Secret Society Goods, Rhett Withey and our own Chris Tobar Rodriguez. (Since this is the Best of Orlando issue, not the Shittiest of Orlando issue, we won't mention the rampant art thievery, dubiously backed by actual donations, that flooded Etsy and Amazon with Pulse-related goods.) "Orlando Strong" was a real thing in those sad weeks – it still is – and we're so proud of the folks who rolled up their sleeves to help in all the small ways to create a United Orlando