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Best Internet-based Tire Fire: Propagation's Yelp Page

Best Internet-based Tire Fire

Propagation's Yelp Page

While Propagation's midcentury modern decor and devotion to sourcing their coffee from top roasters like Lineage gave Mills 50 caffeine-hounds plenty of hope for the little shop, it was not to be. The storefront closed its doors at the end of May, reportedly so that the owners could focus on selling their restored furniture to clients with deeper pockets than those in service industry wage-plagued Central Florida. Unfortunately, this also sounded the death knell for new additions to their Yelp page, where the owners had no compunctions about responding to negative reviews with sarcasm, insults and over-the-top dickishness. Needless to say, it made for great reading. Just not at Propagation, where WiFi was verboten. So while we'll miss being able to get a mazagran and being told not to touch the precious precious credenzas, we're going to miss seeing Propagation's inversion of the principle that "the customer is always right" even more.