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Best Place to Talk Brexit Over Curry: Viceroy Chipshop's Curry Club

Best Place to Talk Brexit Over Curry

Viceroy Chipshop's Curry Club


There's nothing more British than Indian food, and expats craving the curries found in merry ol' England now have an outlet in which to enjoy Brit-style kormas, tikka masalas and, yes, even fiery (and very Indo-British) balti roshan thanks to the Viceroy Chipshop's Curry Club, run by chef Paul Skingley and his wife, Jennie Lynn. The gang gathers every two weeks (check their Facebook page) at various venues across the city to eat and chat about matters across the pond. One thing you won't hear is "Do you want that mild, medium or spicy?" The curries are prepared the way they're supposed to be.