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Best Mediterranean Breakfast: Breakfast Plate at Park Cafe Bakery

Best Mediterranean Breakfast

Breakfast Plate at Park Cafe & Bakery

400 W. New England Ave., Winter Park, 407-401-2088,

"Mediterranean" cuisine spans a vast tract of the globe, but the delightfully healthy morning spread offered at Hannibal Square's Park Cafe & Bakery will be as familiar to Turks as it is to Greeks: black and green olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, jams, honey, Nutella, almonds, meats, dried apricots and more cheeses dutifully arranged on a pretty platter, with a basket of fresh-baked Turkish bagels (simit) and an omelet served with sausage (soujouk) to boot. It's all meant to be enjoyed with Turkish tea, though capping your breakfast off with a demitasse of Turkish coffee is entirely apropos.