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Best Gastronomic Russian Roulette: Omakase quickfire at Dragonfly Robata

Best Gastronomic Russian Roulette

Omakase quickfire at Dragonfly Robata

7972 Via Dellagio Way, 407-370-3359,

Roughly translated as "trust the chef," omakase dining is a series of small plates in which the entire menu is up to the chef's whims. And at Dragonfly Robata, the results are delicious. At the time of writing, there was a summer-themed omakase menu on offer with unique twists on soba, sushi and grilled bison. Add to that the further option of a "quickfire" dish – that is to say, a total on-the-spot improvisation on the cook's part – and you have a meal made for those of us who just wanna shut off our brains at the end of a day and be impressed.