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Best Canadian Dish Available in Orlando: Valhalla Bakery's Nanaimo bars

Best Canadian Dish Available in Orlando

Valhalla Bakery's Nanaimo bars

2603 E. South St., 407-613-5968,

Until butter tarts, muktuk, moose in a can, peameal bacon, Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and poutine decent enough to make a Canadian stand "on guard for thee" make their foray south of the 49th Parallel, Valhalla Bakery's Nanaimo bars will be the singular finest Canadian treat you'll find in these here parts. The dark-chocolate graham-cracker coconut crust layered with a top-secret vegan "butter" custard filling and topped in magical dark chocolate is best eaten with your hands. If forking it, flip it upside down to avoid any custard ooze. That's how Ryan Reynolds does it.