Best Of 2016

Best Young Architect: Wes Featherston

Best Young Architect

Wes Featherston

Process Architecture, 407-924-8884,

Last year, we noted a fine young artist putting Orlando on the art map; this year it's an architect putting us on the design map. That bus bench in front of Yamasan Sushi at Mills Park, so clean and futuristic? Wes Featherston did that. That little gem of a metal sculpture by Marcos Cruz over by Tako Cheena? As curator of the Urban Art Museum, that was Featherston giving the sidewalk a treat. Process Architecture's unique style is helping to redefine Orlando today, and they're doing similar good things as far away as Saskatchewan (no Canada jokes here). It's about time an architect started cleaning up the local claptrap of fake stucco and Corinthian columns, and giving us a look that says Orlando in the 21st century.