Best Of 2016

Best New Experimental Art Space: A Place Gallery & Studios

Best New Experimental Art Space

A Place Gallery & Studios

649 N. Mills Ave.,

The art scene has been especially active in the past 12 months, with galleries closing and opening (usually there's more of the former). Upstairs in a creaky old building at the crossroads of Mills 50, A Place Gallery – the public wing of the Time Waste Management art collective – hosts exciting young and emerging artists. You might see projection mapping or dust collecting, experience a performance meditating on someone's grandmother through the medium of her old fur coat or hear African-American artists discussing the black experience. It's all about the ideas, and unlike many galleries that program a year or more in advance, A Place is deliberately of-the-moment. Original ideas aren't in short supply these days, but venues that air them to the public are. Check it out.