Best Of 2016

Best Father-Daughter Act: Blair and Nahli Sligar, Rats Comin' Up

Best Father-Daughter Act

Blair and Nahli Sligar, Rats Comin' Up

April-May 2016 at Redefine Gallery, 29 S. Orange Ave.,

Blair Sligar is magic. His Hog Eat Hog woodworking shop is responsible for the vibe of many of your favorite hangs (for instance: the beautiful bar at the Imperial); his "rascallin'" philosophy of life is inspirational; and his relationship with his little daughter Nahli is a wonder to behold. In their joint show at Redefine Gallery, Nahli supplied the narrative impetus in the classic tradition of creating art from the subconscious ("scared of rats comin' up the toilet when I'm on one"), and they played back and forth until they had a fully fleshed-out show of drawings, paintings, poetry and articulated wooden animal sculptures in Sligar's inimitable almost-abstract style.