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Best Fan Army: A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan

Best Fan Army

A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan

Making a living at podcasting is one of those concepts that, just a few years ago, people would have laughed at you for even considering. But that's just what Daniel Dennis and Tom "Drunky the Bear" Vann have managed to do. Since 2009, the pair have developed a part-time side project from their day jobs at Real Radio 104.1 into a local media empire. In addition to the successful podcast, Tom and Dan host beer festivals, comedy showcases, parties and cruises for their fans, affectionately called "scumbags" (or, if they pay for a subscription to premium content, "big dick millionaires" or "BDMs"). Their success has even prompted the ClearChannel-owned Real Radio to hire them on for their own FCC-approved version of the show, A Corporate Time With Tom & Dan, a testament to the market power of their rabid fans. But please, scumbags and BDMs, stop writing in "A Mediocre Time With Tom & Dan" for Every. Single. Category. in our BOO Readers Poll. We get it, you like them.