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Best Attempt at The Daily Show With Poetry: Loose Lips

Best Attempt at The Daily Show With Poetry

Loose Lips

8 p.m. every first Tuesday, Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave.,

Tod Caviness may not have Jon Stewart's (or any) hair, but then again neither does Trevor Noah. The former host of what was voted Orlando's best poetry night an absurd number of times, Speakeasy, Caviness wasn't gone from the stage for a year before he founded a new outlet for local writers. This time, it's a curated list of notables with a passion for current events. The readings take many forms – poems, essays, rants – but they all share one thing in common: They have to revolve around something that happened in the last month. Of course, this may not have been the best year to kick this off; 2016 has been, well, not a treasure trove of good feelings. Still, the writers have made lemonade of it all, and we have some new, more articulate voices to compete with all the shouting on our feeds.