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Best way to get your wrestling fix in Orlando: WWE NXT at Full Sail Live

Best way to get your wrestling fix in Orlando
141 University Park Drive, Winter Park,

If you’re into the craft, it’s no secret that Orlando is fast becoming the new wrestling capital of the United States. Ever since an unlikely alliance was struck between Full Sail and the WWE, the university has been home to the next generation of body-slamming, suplexing, leg-dropping badass men and women of the professional wrestling universe. NXT is a product that takes both up-and-coming as well as tried-and-true wrestling talent, slaps a big old WWE brand on them, and pits them against each other for wide-eyed Orlando audiences. Tapings happen monthly, and tickets can be purchased through the WWE website, but your best bet is to mooch some from a Full Sail employee. When you get to an NXT event, the roar of the crowd, colorful characters and nonstop entertainment make this easily one of the most explosive experiences Orlando has to offer. Even if wrestling isn’t your thing, or you still think it’s a fake sport for rednecks (get out of the ’90s, chump), you’ll catch on to the infectious chants pretty quickly. Who knows – you may even come back for more.