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Best WTF Lawsuit: Lawsuit alleges that Valencia College coerced students into volunteering for invasive medical procedures

Best WTF Lawsuit
In May, a lawsuit against Valencia College put the school in an uncomfortable light when it alleged that instructors in the school’s well-regarded sonography program coerced female students into allowing other students to use them for practice in administering transvaginal ultrasounds. In its defense, the school pointed out that it’s common for medical students to practice medical techniques on peer volunteers, but it seems that the students who sued the school say they weren’t volunteering for the invasive internal procedure – they claim they were bullied into it by instructors who allegedly told them they’d have to leave the program or be blacklisted from working at local hospitals if they didn’t take part. We won’t even get into some of the even more bizarre aspects of the suit – there was one student who was allegedly nicknamed the “transvag queen,” there are claims of sexual stimulation taking place during the exams and one instructor is accused of telling students that they were “sexy” when they were undergoing the ultrasounds – but after defending the practice as completely ethical, Valencia President Sandy Shugart finally announced in late May that the school would permanently discontinue its policy of using student volunteers for invasive medical diagnostics training.