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Best Poor Excuse for Destroying a Historic Site: Tinker Field

Best Poor Excuse for Destroying a Historic Site
When the back-and-forth on the redevelopment of the Citrus Bowl eventually landed on, “Yes, let’s do it in a big way,” most of the local population didn’t give it a second thought. But in the end, it wouldn’t go so smoothly, even with a giant Rolling Stones concert to seal the deal (plus some soccer games that everyone apparently loves to attend). The adjacent Tinker Field baseball stadium, located right next to the Citrus Bowl, was in the way of progress. And even though the field once hosted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who made his only public appearance in Central Florida there, few public officials seemed to really give the field its due. Over the years, Tinker Field has been relegated to hosting Electric Daisy Carnivals and the like, and the field was mostly in shambles. However, community activists felt it was important to save the historic baseball field and begged the city to renovate it, turn it into a community resource and preserve it for future generations. That, however, did not jibe with the mayor’s plans for the bowl. As a compromise, the city preserved the diamond, agreed to throw up a plaque of historic designation and call it a day. So, basically, the field will continue to be used for EDM dance parties and overflow for larger Citrus Bowl events.