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Best Development Everyone Is Hoping Won’t Ruin Ivanhoe Village: The Yard at Ivanhoe Village

Best Development Everyone Is Hoping Won’t Ruin Ivanhoe Village
It hit most of Orlando’s relatively new Ivanhood scene like a truck at first: All of the work that had been done to organically grow the Lake Ivanhoe region’s adjacent warehouse district into a hip, fun place was about to be demolished in favor of a mixed-used development that looked a lot like nearby Mills Park in its renderings. Developer Chance Gordy took the heat and, at least in public appearances, threw some cooler water on it by allowing that his development, the Yard at Ivanhoe Village, would continue to be hip and cool. He sat down with a number of the business owners and assured them that the yuppifying of the area would be inclusive and bring them only more business. City Hall approved the development, regardless of the painted frowns from most of the creative set, and now we sit and wait to see if Gordy makes good on his promises.