Best Of 2015

Best of Orlando 2015 Royal Proclamation

Hear ye, hear ye! All kings, queens, knights, nobles and peasants are invited to take part in Orlando Weekly's annual celebration of royal proportions.

In this year's issue, we have crowned royalty in each of our six fiefdoms: Local Color, Goods and Services, Food and Drink, Arts and Culture, Music and Nightlife, and Sports and Recreation. In each section, you'll find both writers' picks and readers poll results for everything from Best Bagel to Best New Dance Night to Best Way to Read in a Moving Car.

We have also selected kings and queens to reign over all for each section, chosen by our staff for their noble attempts to make our community a more interesting, vibrant and more robust place to live. You can read their profiles on the next two pages, and you'll see their royal photos throughout the issue.

We also have some people we'd like to knight for their service to the kingdom:

Writers: Ashley Belanger, Holly V. Kapherr, Faiyaz Kara, Seth Kubersky, Bao Le-Huu, Billy Manes, Adam McCabe, Thaddeus McCollum, Richard Reep, Erin Sullivan and Jessica Bryce Young

Copy editing and fact-checking: Caroline Fernandez, Lindsay Fraser and Cooper Smith

Photographer: Rob Bartlett, who took all of the photos of our kings and queens

Props and set: James Brendlinger, chair of arts and communications at Lake Howell High School, as well as Lake Howell High, for allowing us to use the drama department's stage and set for photos