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Best Place to Let It Go in Baldwin Park: East Coast Floats

Best Place to Let It Go in Baldwin Park
4832 New Broad St., 407-203-5628,

Sometimes things get a little tense in Baldwin Park, as evidenced by the Publix punch-up earlier this month. If only those three had stopped at the de-stress nirvana of East Coast Floats instead of the crowded supermarket, things might not have gotten so ugly. East Coast Floats books 60- and 90-minute sessions in their high-tech gleaming-white pods, each filled with 150 gallons of water in which 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts are dissolved – guests bob gently in a soothing environment, all weight taken off muscles and joints, and minds free to roam. Not only will your brain be scrubbed clean when you emerge, your skin will be dolphin-slick.