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Best Hole-in-the-wall Local Meat Market: Orlando Meats

Best Hole-in-the-wall Local Meat Market
3900 S. Goldenrod Road, 407-598-0700,

Orlando Meats is in the most unlikely of places. It’s a tiny hole in the wall in a bland strip mall just above Narcoosee Road on Goldenrod. It doesn’t have a huge selection, and most of what’s on sale is frozen, but (and this is a big but) it’s dedicated to selling grass-fed, locally raised beef, as well as pastured pork, chicken, goat and more, from the Florida Fresh Meat Company in Ocala. You can purchase by the piece, or order a whole butchered animal, priced by the pound. It’ll cost you more than what you pay at Publix, but if your conscience is telling you that factory-farmed meats are not just environmentally, but also ethically, unsustainable, you’ll soon find yourself forking over a few more bucks a pound for peace of mind.