Best Of 2015

Best Affordable Veterinary Care: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s affordable clinic

Best Affordable Veterinary Care
2727 Conroy Road; also 2800 County Home Road, Sanford, 407-351-7722,

One of the biggest reasons people give their pets up is, sadly, due to expense. And when pets are relinquished to shelters, it’s not just the animals or the people who suffer – the community that has to absorb the costs of so many homeless animals pays the price, too. So we’ve got to give big props to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, which operates a lower-cost clinic that offers many of the basic services pet owners need (spay/neuter, bloodwork, deworming, vaccines, X-rays and more) for a discount. It’s still not going to be cheap to care for your pet, but it’ll hurt a little less, and they accept CareCredit financing, too.