Best Of 2015

Best New Art Power Couple: Glen Gentele (director, Orlando Museum of Art) and Shannon Fitzgerald (incoming director, Mennello Museum of American Art)

Best New Art Power Couple
“New” in that they are new to Orlando, not to each other – Gentele and Fitzgerald first met and hit it off in 2001 when both were working in St. Louis. New, also, to the institutions they lead – Gentele took over as the director of OMA in 2013 after the retirement of Marena Grant Morrisey, who’d led the institution for 35 years; and Fitzgerald arrives at the Mennello in September to serve as just the second director in that museum’s 17-year lifetime. They will work right across Loch Haven Park from each other, and we can’t help but imagine all sorts of romcom-style hijinks, despite both leaders’ very serious curatorial and directorial experience. At the very least, it makes for an easily shared commute.