Best Of 2014

Best Warm Welcome

Hanson’s Shoe Repair
27 E. Pine St., 407-476-9446,

Much has been written about this speakeasy’s many charms: the hand-crafted vintage-recipe cocktails, the captivating low-lit decor, the illicit thrill of making your party’s reservation and then, at the appointed hour, whispering the password through the door. All of that is good, sure. But it’s our first visit that sticks in our mind: On a January night soon after Hanson’s opened, we found ourselves shivering on their intimate (but, on this night, kinda frosty) roof patio. Our drink runner noticed the chill and returned with a round of gratis shots – and a selection of toasty blankets so we could tuck up and keep gazing at the stars while we sipped our drinks. Now that’s treating your guests right.