Best Of 2014

Best Analog Dating Service

The Falcon
819 E. Washington St., 407-423-3060,

Tired of kissing all those frogs you meet online? Bitch, we all are. Screw you, Tinder. Created by the much-missed artist and beer slinger Karen Russell, this completely analog dating service brings the fun back into the actual Orlando dating scene, and we approve of all the choices. Here’s what you do: 1) Grab a sheet from a bartender. 2) Fill that shit out. 3) Hop into the photo booth, staple your favorite shot onto said sheet, and then tape it to the wall with the other singles. 4) Put the three remaining photos into the envelopes under the profiles you like the most, with your digits scrawled on the back. Finis. Falcon Bar owner Melissa says it’s working and people are using it all the time, so hurry up and get down there before someone steals your prince.