Best Of 2014

Best Wet Explosion

The demolition of the lower bowl at Citrus Bowl

Though it has spent most of its time since 2007 as the unwanted third child of the $1.1 billion venues trifecta, the $200 million Citrus Bowl renovation – in which the entire lower bowl would be demolished and re-created like magic with fewer seats – gained some necessary momentum in January when Mayor Buddy Dyer and the rest of the local booster suits and skirts trudged through the playing-field muck to watch the anticlimax of part of a building collapsing in the rain. Not even the dulcet tones of AC/DC or the dampened spirits of rainy-day fireworks could take away the majesty of yet another questionable Orlando foray into explosives. Dyer used the opportunity to show the future stadium’s versatility, according to the Orlando Sentinel. It did “prove that we could host a Super Bowl,” Dyer wished aloud.