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Best Reason to Hang Out in a Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery moonlight walking tours
1603 Greenwood St., 407-246-2616;

Remember when all the cool kids would bring their English textbooks, Cure tapes and bottles of amaretto to the cemetery to, like, hang out or whatever? Yeah, we don’t either. But on Greenwood Cemetery’s moonlight walking tours, you can kind of get that experience, plus a hefty dose of Orlando nostalgia. While you see the graves and learn about the lives of such local bigwigs as Bumby, Tinker, Robinson and Carr (all real ex-people!), you can flash back to those days when doing weird, creepy shit was somehow all that mattered. Just remember that you have to RSVP on their site to secure a
spot on the tour. Jncos and trenchcoats not required. Or encouraged. Ever.