Best Of 2014

Best Ladyparts Servicing, Despite Political Pressure

Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando in Kissimmee
610 Oak Commons Blvd., Kissimmee, 407-246-1788,

It may have been a long time coming – Osceola County has never had a clinic that performs abortions before – but this May, Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando accomplished the unfathomable and cut the ribbon on its long-in-the-works Kissimmee health center. Naturally, the development brought its share of protesters, both local and national. But the advent of a new office also provides symbolic hope for reproductive rights in a year that saw Gov. Rick Scott signing another bill into law designed to curtail a woman’s right to choose. Oh, and just in case you forgot, Planned Parenthood does significantly more work to prevent unwanted pregnancies than it does to terminate them. Which is why this new clinic, which is going to serve an incredibly under-resourced area, is so important.