Best Of 2014

Best Backyard Crate-Digging

Garry Postell’s semi-regular all-vinyl garage sales
46 E. Steele St., [email protected]

While Park Ave CDs, Rock and Roll Heaven, East West Music and all of our local record stores do a pretty fine job of keeping the vinyl flowing, real crate-diggers know that when you see the “Record Sale” sign at the corner of Princeton Street and Formosa Avenue, you’d better cancel the rest of your plans for the afternoon. Garry Postell, an avid record collector, is known to spend a good portion of his free time buying large collections of vinyl, weeding out the junk and then offering up the goods in his backyard at almost-rock-bottom prices. If you want a heads-up as to when the next sale will be, you can send him an email and ask to be notified a few days before he sets up his backyard bazaar.