Best Of 2014

Best Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Sausage gravy burrito at Ethos Vegan Kitchen
601 S. New York Ave, 407-228-3898,

Ethos is known for its innovative vegan creations, but this breakfast burrito really takes the dairy-free cake. Smothered in “sausage” gravy and packed with a flavorful sausage, potato and tofu scramble, Ethos’ brunch creation is the heartiest meat-free meal you’ll eat before noon. Though it might not look impressive – even regular meaty sausage gravy appeals more to the stomach than the eye – you’ll be hooked as soon as you cut into that vegan gravy-drenched goodness. We guarantee that even your all-American, steak-loving, “what’s a vegan?” uncle will devour this surprisingly healthy dish.