Best Of 2014

Best Whale Wail


We knew Blackfish was going to be big as soon as we got the pre-emptive strike against it from SeaWorld. The marine park sent an email to movie critics telling them not to take the film (which questions whether it’s humane to keep killer whales in captivity) seriously – before it was even released. For much of 2013, the documentary and SeaWorld hammered at one another. SeaWorld publicly insisted that the film was propaganda. The film challenged SeaWorld’s assertions and critics, and pundits and celebs took sides on the issue. A rash of musicians even canceled shows scheduled at the park as part of its Bands, Brews and BBQ concert series. In the end, the debate rages on – SeaWorld continues to make massive profits, using killer whales and other marine mammals in spectacular shows, and the advocates continue to wail on behalf of cetaceans.