Best Of 2013

Best Neighborhood to Walk Around That We Never Thought We’d Want to Walk Around

Baldwin Park neighborhood

New Broad Street and its environs on Lake Baldwin

OK, we admit it: We were haters. We tend to turn our noses up at the Stepford Wifery of planned communities, so it took us a while to come around on Baldwin Park. But once we started finding ourselves wandering its paved footpaths, which wind between lakes and natural areas designed to attract native wildlife, we started to realize that it’s actually a fantastic place to just … go for a walk. There are plenty of pretty grassy public areas and pocket parks, shady spots and attractive landscaping. Sure, the houses have a kind of faux historic thing going on, and some of our favorite stores that used to populate the main drag (New Broad Street) have shuttered, but we still like to walk in Baldwin Park, and we’re not afraid to say it.