Best Of 2013

Best Rolling Tastemaker

Rydes Pedicab Co.

You never truly get a sense of somebody until you’ve seen them at their worst. Not only does Luke McHenry, owner of downtown rickshaw roadsters Rydes Pedicab Co., see some of the best late-night pedestrian horrors – girl-drink drunks stumbling through alleyways with smears of tears and regret; juiced-up jocks punching mounted horses in the face – but he also likes to chronicle it on social media. The Rydes Facebook page is less embarrassing slambook than whimsical observation, but even the wry humorist takes on minor homeless brawls or panties left in the street can’t help but remind us why we don’t so much enjoy carting ourselves downtown on weekends anymore. We do, however, like to see the pictures later.