Best Of 2013

Best Place to Shop That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re at Your Grandmother’s House

Adjectives Market

1215 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs

You really never know what type of vintage and antique treasures you’ll find when you visit Adjectives Market. This 12,000-square-foot space is jam-packed with items from more than 85 dealers selling vintage clothing, handmade furniture, fine linens, collectible mementos, midcentury home decor, jewelry and lots more. You name it, we bet you’ll find it at Adjectives – and usually for a steal. If you’re the type who likes to look before buying, check out the shop’s website or Facebook page for daily and weekly “shop shots.” But for us, half the fun is meandering around, digging our way around the place and searching for that one must-have item. It’s like finding hidden treasures in your grandma’s attic.