Best Of 2013

Best Treat Yo Self Dish

Louis Vuitton roll at Kabooki Sushi

3122 E. Colonial Drive

Treat. Yo. Self. It started as a throwaway Tom-and-Donna subplot on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, but blew up into a memefest/Tumblr avalanche/life philosophy/excuse for doing or buying just about anything you can’t really afford but will make you feel goooood. And in the great tradition of over-the-top luxury at a small-bite price, you cannot beat the Louis Vuitton roll at Kabooki Sushi. First there’s the name, calculated to drive any label whore wild. Then there’s the embarrassment-of-riches composition of the thing: king crab meat, asparagus, tempura flakes and orange-chili sauce topped with blow-torched wagyu beef, Italian black-truffle salt and crème fraîche, drizzled with fauxnagi sauce (the sablefish-based alternative to unagi, aka freshwater eel, which is overfished – look atchoo, being all eco-conscious and shit) and then, kid you not, sprinkled with 24-karat gold flakes. At $17, it’s such a bargain that you practically have to buy it.