Best Of 2013

Best Place to Buy 69-cent Avocados and Other Cheap and Exotic Produce

Fancy Fruit & Produce

2211 S. Goldenrod Road

Trust us, you’ll feel a little guilty stuffing the trunk of your car with bags and bags of fruit, vegetables, meats and assorted sundries from Fancy Fruit & Produce, ’cuz the prices at this Latin supermercado are just plain loco. Not only are ready-to-eat Hass avocados 69 cents, but you can get 15 Key limes for a buck, two pineapples for $3, three large chicken breasts for $5, and a trio of rib-eyes for $10 and change. Many local chefs venture to FF&P’s five Central Florida locations for exotic ingredients (guava, rambutan, Asian pears, cactus fruit, etc.), and why not? The variety and prices can’t be beat.