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New leadership at OMA and CFAM |

Thus far it’s been business as usual, at least to the eyes of the general public. But behind the scenes, Glen Gentele, the new director of the Orlando Museum of Art, and Ena Heller, the new director of Rollins College’s Cornell Fine Arts Museum, are surely rattling cages. Within months of starting at CFAM, Heller announced that the museum had won a grant making admission to the Cornell free for their whole 35th-anniversary year, 2013. Gentele, whose new home celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2014, hasn’t announced a price cut, but does have plans for a comprehensive archiving project. That may not sound thrilling, but Gentele’s background and interest in contemporary art makes him a great catch for a museum that rarely shows off the full spectrum of its impressive collection of modern American works. We expect big, big things.