Best Of 2013

Best Reason to Be a Kid Again

Artists in Wondercamp

Misty Forest Enrichment Center
611 N. Hyer Ave.

Every day, we read local ceramist Jenn Benner’s Facebook updates from Artists in Wondercamp, the kids’ day camp she’s leading this summer, and we surrender to a jealousy that’s ugly to behold. “This morning at ‘Artists in Wondercamp: My Best Fiend, Exploring Picasso & Matisse,’ we investigated Matisse’s giant paper cutouts. Then we participated in a papercutting workshop.” “We just watched this [Yayoi Kusama] video at Artists in Wondercamp and now all we want to do is create our own Obliteration Room and spin around inside it until we pass out with dizzy delight.” “Today at ‘Artists in Wondercamp: The Sight of Music’ we explored the music of Philip Glass by making overlapping sound patterns with various instruments. Then we watched clips from Koyaanisqatsi and tried our hand at the fingerprint-painting technique Chuck Close used to make his portrait of Philip Glass.” Today at our desk, we gritted our teeth and wondered why our art teacher never got past poster paints, blunt scissors and woven construction paper.