Best Of 2010

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Goods & Services Adult Entertainment - Bartender - Bicycle Shop - Bookstore - CD Store - Comic Book Store - Dry Cleaners - DVD Store - Farmers Market - Fashion Designer - Furniture - Hair Salon - Health Food Store - Liquor Store - Meat - Men's Fashion - Musical Instruments - Pet Supplies - Scooters - Seafood - Shoe Store - Skate Shop - Smoke Shop - Spa - Tanning Salon - Tattoo Parlor - Thrift Store - T-Shirts - Veterinarian - Video Game Store - Wine Shop - Women's Fashion - Nail Salon - Vinyl Record - Vintage Clothing - Writer's Picks

Goods & Services

Best Adult Entertainment
1st: FairVilla Megastore
1740 N. Orange Blossom Trail

2nd: Premier Adult Factory Outlet
5009 S. Orange Blossom Trail

3rd: Blissful Lotus Romance Boutique
1810 N. Orange Ave.

Best Pet Supplies
1st: PetSmart
multiple locations

2nd: Petco
multiple locations

3rd: Pookie's Pet Nutrition
1980 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park

Best Bartender
1st: Jason Smith

2nd: Dan Dyer
Crooked Bayou

3rd: Preston Dehler

Best Scooters
1st: Vespa Orlando
930 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park

2nd: Honda
multiple locations

3rd: Ride Green Scooters
671 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park

Best Bicycle Shop
1st: Orange Cycle
2204 Edgewater Drive

2nd: Ace Metric Cycles
1018 N. Mills Ave.

3rd: Kyle's Bike Shop
203 N. Primrose Drive

Best Seafood
1st: Lombardi's
1152 Harmon Ave., Winter Park

2nd: Winter Park Fish Co.
761 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park

3rd: Whole Foods
multiple locations

Best Bookstore
1st: Barnes and Noble
multiple locations

2nd: Borders
multiple locations

3rd: The Bookworm
2400 E. Washington St.

Best Shoe Store
1st: DSW Shoe Warehouse
4021 Conroy Road

2nd: Payless Shoes
multiple locations

3rd: Nordstrom
8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail

Best CD Store
1st: Park Ave. CDs
2916 Corrine Drive

2nd: Best Buy
multiple locations

3rd: F.Y.E.
multiple locations

Best Skate Shop
1st: Covert Skate Shop
2428 E. Robinson St.

2nd: Ron Jon Surf Shop
5160 International Drive

3rd: Galactic G
334 E. Harvard St.

Best Comic Book Store
1st: A Comic Shop
114 S. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park

2nd: Coliseum of Comics
multiple locations

3rd: Acme Comics
905 E. State Road 434, #100, Longwood

Best Smoke Shop
1st: Kathmandu
352 N. Park Ave., Winter Park

2nd: Corona Cigar Company
7792 W. Sand Lake Road

3rd: Pipe Dreams
6325 N. Orange Blossom Trail

3rd: (tie) Purple Ringer
1436 State Road 436 #1080, Casselberry

Best Dry Cleaners
1st: Acme Cleaners
600 N. Westmoreland Drive.
204 E. Ridgewood St.

1st: (tie) Best Cleaners
431 E. Central Blvd.
4848 New Broad St.

2nd: PriceLess Cleaners
220 N. Orlando Ave.

3rd: Parisian Cleaners
701 Virginia Drive
(407) 894-2655

Best Spa
1st: Ritz Carlton Spa
4012 Central Florida Parkway

2nd: Euro Day Spa
800 Formosa Ave., Winter Park

3rd: The Spa
1903 N. Orange Ave.

Best DVD Store
1st: Stardust Video and Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road

2nd: Best Buy
various location

3rd: Blockbuster
multiple locations

Best Tanning Salon
1st: South Beach Tanning Co.
multiple locations

2nd: Hollywood Tans
7536 W. Sand Lake Road
12720 S. Orange Blossom Trail

3rd: Planet Beach
multiple locations

Best Farmers Market
1st: Winter Park Farmers Market
200 W. New England Ave.

2nd: Orlando Farmers Market at Lake Eola
Corner of E. Central Boulevard and N. Eola Drive

3rd: Audubon Park Community Market
1807 E. Winter Park Road

Best Tattoo Parlor
1st: Ascension Custom Dermagraphics
2510 N. Orange Ave.
114 S. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park

2nd: Black Chapel Tattoo Studio and Body Piercing Studio
693 N. Orange Ave.

3rd: Orlando Tattoo Company
11229 E. Colonial Drive. Suite 105

Best Fashion Designer
1st: Katie Reynolds, A Rare Bird Designs

2nd: Jesse LeNoir

3rd: Consuelo Bellini

Best Thrift Store
1st:  Goodwill
multiple locations

2nd: Dechoes Resale Emporium
multiple locations

3rd: Thriftko
1220 E. Altamonte Dr., Altamonte Springs

Best Furniture
1st: Ikea
4092 Eastgate Drive

2nd: Washburn Imports
1800 N. Orange Ave.

3rd: 1618 Something Different
1618 N. Orange Ave.

Best T-Shirts
1st: Mother Falcon Clothing
817 E. Washington St.

2nd: Enemy Ink
2964 Forsyth Road, Winter Park

3rd: Static
240 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park

Best Hair Salon
1st: Alchemy Hair Salon
2812 Edgewater Drive

2nd: Shag'd Hair Studio
1844 E. Winter Park Road

3rd: Nube Nove
717 E. Washington St.

Best Veterinarian
1st: Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital
2000 N. Mills Ave.

2nd: Winter Park Veterinary Hospital
1601 Lee Road, Winter Park

3rd: McAbee Veterinary Hospital
486 N. Palmetto Ave., Winter Park

Best Health Food Store
1st: Whole Foods
multiple locations

2nd: Chamberlin's
430 N. Orlando Ave.
7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd.

3rd: Fresh Market
5000 Dr. Phillips Blvd.

Best Video Game Store
1st: GameStop
multiple locations

2nd: Play N Trade Video Games
multiple locations

3rd: Best Buy
multiple locations

Best Liquor Store
1st: Total Wine and More
2712 E. Colonial Drive

2nd: ABC
multiple locations

3rd: Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors
1001 N. Mills Ave.

Best Wine Shop
1st: Total Wine and More
2712 E. Colonial Drive

2nd: Tim's Wine Market
1223 N. Orange Ave.

3rd: The Wine Room
270 S. Park Ave., Winter Park

Best Meat
1st: Petty's Meats and Specialty Foods
2141 West State Road 434, Longwood

2nd: Fresh Fields Farm
400 E. Compton St.

3rd: Publix
multiple locations

Best Women's Fashion
1st: Etoile Boutique
2424 E. Robinson St.

2nd: Dechoes Resale Emporium
multiple locations

3rd: Tuni Winter Park
301 S. Park Ave., Winter Park

Best Men's Fashion
1st: Reign Streetwear Boutique
114 S. Semoran Blvd. #2, Winter Park

2nd: Etoile Boutique
2424 E. Robinson St.

3rd: Men's Wearhouse
multiple locations

Best Nail Salon
1st: Queens Nails
multiple locations

2nd: Magic Nails
626 N. Alafaya Trail

3rd: Bahama Nails and Spa
1336 N. Orange Ave.

Best Musical Instruments
1st: Sam Ash
4644 E. Colonial Drive
912 Lee Road

2nd: Guitar Center
12402 S. Orange Blossom Trail
520 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park

3rd: George's Music
6817 Visitors Circle

Best Vinyl Record Store
1st: Park Ave. CDs
2916 Corrine Drive

2nd: Rock & Roll Heaven
1814 Orange Ave.

3rd: Drop Shop
2422 E. Robinson St.

Best Vintage Clothing Store
1st: Dechoes
2110 Edgewater Drive
2525 E. Colonial Drive.

2nd: Etoile Boutique
2424 E. Robinson St.

3rd: Déjà vu Vintage Clothing
1825 N. Orange Ave.
1825 N. Orange Ave.

Writer's Picks

Best shop to score Disney detritus Mouse Surplus

1000 Detour Road, Haines City

Disney T-shirts are $10 a dozen up and down International Drive, but if you want the mother lode of Mickey merchandise, head south on I-4 to Haines City in Polk County. Mouse Surplus specializes in selling the stuff Disney doesn't want anymore, from used hotel furniture to parts for abandoned attractions like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. One corporation's trash can be another superfan's treasure — just make sure there's room in your vehicle before bringing home that monorail car.

Best illustrated lady

Rifle Paper Co.
558 W. New England Ave., Winter Park

With projects under her belt for high-profile design and craft websites like Design*Sponge, Oh Joy, Once Wed, even Martha Stewart, Anna Bond is just another Orlandoan quietly going about the business of being awesome. She may be under the radar (for now) here in town, but in the Internet- fueled explosion of handmade art and craft, she's royalty. Bond has been trying to get a bricks-and-mortar shop off the ground for more than a year now — we know she'll get there soon, and she promises "an awesome party" when she does — but for one reason or another it just hasn't happened yet. In the meantime, her whimsical illustrated stationery and cards are available in her online shop, along with links to free downloadable DIY projects, and she does custom work like wedding invitations by appointment.

Best place to manifest the old adage "you are what you eat"

Etro at Premium Outlets
8200 Vineland Ave.

Men have it hard in the tweedy weeds of the retail-shopping conundrum. There are only so many variations of slacks and shirts a guy can lay his lazy eyes on without literally falling asleep on a bench at the mall. But should you be a guy with slightly more adventurous tastes — meaning, you're gay — Milan-based design house Etro brings its fabulous runoff to Premium Outlets. Etro is the only place you'll find a sweater with a giant pear on it or a jacket seemingly made from a lithograph of bunched grapes Etro also has women's wear, but the store is Orlando's best-kept secret for men who would rather wear food than eat it.

Best pseudo tropical vacation

Bahama Nails and Spa
multiple locations

A pseudo-beach getaway is right at your fingertips — literally — minus the traveling and expenses. At Bahama Nails your personal cabana boy (or girl) tends to your mani/pedi as the soothing sounds of calypso music play in the background. The oceanscape mural and mock tiki hut will help you feel like you're spending a day at the beach but without the sticky sand and blistering sun.

Best paleodoodie

The Dinosaur Store
250 W. Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach

Yes, it's a drive, but you just can't get this stuff without a little effort. What stuff? Well, there's the standard selection of fossilized bones, shells and plants, but they're a little pricey. Opt for a comparatively cheap alternative, one sure to bring a look of fascination (mingled with disgust) to your sweetheart's face: coproliths. That's fossilized poop, and the Dinosaur Store has piles of them. You can hold in your hand something a carnivore ate and recycled millions of years ago, and you won't even have to wash up afterward.

Best All-American

Makr Carry Goods

Makr designer Jason Gregory told style blog A Continuous Lean that his exquisitely detailed leather goods are "conceived in nostalgia, nourished through new technology … with a return to traditional craft." Coinciding neatly with a burgeoning fascination for all things American and small-batch, Makr bags and wallets used to be entirely handmade in Gregory's Winter Park studio, from staining the leather to stitching the edges and wax-buffing the finished product; careful expansion brought them to the point that production had to be sourced to a small family-owned factory nearby. Makr is carried by a few shops in New York and along the West Coast, but Orlandoans in need of a camera bag, card case or the perfect iPhone sleeve will have to purchase online. Rest easy, though, knowing that you're still buying local.

Best place to drop a book

Best Used Books
800 S. Highway 17-92, Longwood

Let's face it, as big metro areas go, Orlando is woefully short on good used bookstores. Once you get past the rows of indistinguishable romance novels, pickings are slim. Surprises lurk in this no-frills strip mall shop. Sure, there's Harlequin mush, but other shelves are packed with weighty art books, former prizewinners like Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel and more obscurely fascinating stuff — say, the 19th-century Japanese political analysis A Discourse by Three Drunkards on Government. The selection's not just cheap; they take trade-ins for half-off credit.

Best wedding resource for cheap bastards

multiple locations

Planning your perfect recession-era wedding reception? Instead of dropping a mortgage payment on dessert and décor, consider placing a special order at your neigh borhood Publix supermarket. Bridezillas beware: Your Tiffany-blue cupcake frosting may come out seafoam green, but if you've got more flexibility than funds, you can fill 95 percent of food and flower needs without the usual marital markup.

Best Glee school

Midway Elementary School
2368 Brisson Ave., Sanford

The next time you watch Glee and think, "There's no way all those kids can break out into immaculately harmonized, multi-instrument-aided songs out of nowhere," well, you're right. Arts funding in Florida schools is a joke. In fact, just last year Florida epublicans pushed to repeal arts money altogether. Enter late composer Leonard Bernstein, whose Leonard Bernstein Center is partially responsible for Midway Elementary in Sanford, which begins its first full student-body class this fall. The brand-new, eco-friendly campus features dance and instrument lessons as required courses, boasts drool- worthy Mac and TV production labs and a phys-ed program the school refers to as "Cirque du Midway." The best part: It's free and open to any kid grades K-5. The downer: Admissions are lottery based.

Best sign that print is not dead

Mama's Sauce
1620A Alden Road

Letterpress and screen printing are undergoing something of a renaissance lately — maybe staring at a screen all day, as most people do, makes us want something we can feel with our fingertips, not just our retinas. Whatever the reason behind the trend, the guys at Mama's Sauce are meeting it by manhandling their Kluge press, a giant, oily pneumatic machine, to create beautiful, delicate business cards and wedding invitations. When Nick, Joey and Austin aren't bending steel and steam to their will, they're cutting screens and squeegee-ing in ink to build your favorite gig posters and T-shirts, and printing CD and LP covers to boot. We love a man who's good with his hands.

Best discounted brassieres

Nordstrom Rack Millenia Crossing
4036 Eastgate Drive

Markdowns can be found on all calibers of uppity brands of clothing, but they don't call this outlet arsenal the "Nordstrom Rack" for nothing. Hundreds of bolstering contraptions fill the undies corner at the less-than-a-year-old offshoot, where prices are half what they are at the nearby mother store at the Florida Mall. We're talking about the luxe labels that Oprah and her acolytes discover on her bra-educating TV excursions into the full-price Nordstrom's: Wacoal, SPANX, Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson and Cosabella — yours for a reasonable price.

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