Best Of 2005


Studious readers of our biggest issue of the year will note some changes: First and foremost, we've decided to cut our scribes loose from the constraints of writing about items that appeared in our Best Of ballots. They were told to write on anything that struck their fancy, which explains categories like "Best Orlando facsimile of my favorite soul food restaurant" and "Best artistic nudity." They're a silly lot.

The readers' picks stand by themselves in each category, so you can easily discern what Orlando Weekly devotees think rules in The City Beautiful. If you don't like the results, don't blame the messenger.

Finally, we've added some "guide" features to help you get to know your city a little better, including a driving tour of nude beaches and other oddities (sensing a trend here), why Orlando doesn't suck, and an ode to convenience stores. You just may learn something.



GUIDES: Orlando by the Numbers; Spreading Out in All Directions; Point: Orlando is Boring; Counterpoint: No, It Isn't
GUIDES: What a Difference a District Makes; Ode to Convenience Stores
GUIDE: This City is So 1985
GUIDE: Meatless in Orlando