Yes, Orlando Weekly is a PokeStop; please stop staring at us

After yesterday's launch of "Pokémon Go" on iOS and Android, you may have seen groups of children – and full-grown adults – wandering through your neighborhood, pointing at random things and yelling gibberish like "Rattata" and "Zubat." The location-based game, developed by Niantic Labs, lets you use your phone to find Pokémon hidden throughout your surroundings, collect them and then force the poor little digital slaves to battle each other for your amusement, you sadist.

This morning, nerds in the office were excited to learn that Orlando Weekly's office in the Tinker Building, thanks to the historical marker on the outside, is designated as a PokéStop, where players can pick up random items like Pokéballs and eggs. Others were perplexed as to why so many people kept stopping outside our front window to mess with their phones and stare inside. So yes, Pokémon Hunters, feel free to load up on Pokéballs at our office, but don't make it weird. Save that for the Pokémon gyms at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and the Amway Center.
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