We've all been this woman

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Photo via HotCamAndCheese /Imgur
Last weekend, a couple wearing matching T-shirts had a precious moment in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World, like couples do. However, a photobombing woman in a Christmas sweater witnessed this all-too-common display of affection, and well, just look at her face.

We are her, and she is us.

The act of making out in front of Cinderella Castle is as old as the building itself. You can't visit this iconic attraction without witnessing a couple smashing face, which is why this photo resonates on such a deep level.

It's not that there's anything wrong with showing a little PDA at the Castle. It's just that sometimes you're the couple making out, and sometimes you're the woman in the Christmas sweater. But more often than not, you're the latter.

The photo, which was posted to Imgur on Dec. 4 by user HotCamAndCheese and viewed by over 320,ooo people, came with the caption, "My brother and his girlfriend at Disney! But...that random lady. Lol."

On a somewhat related note, it's worth noting that while the above photo is fantastic on many levels, it's not even the best photobomb to ever take place at Cinderella Castle.

Last year's unfortunate photobomb by this guy might be the greatest of all time.

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