Virtual Orlando Fringe 2020 schedule: May 13-19

The show must (not) go on (in a packed theater)!

'Lauren and Amanda Do It'
'Lauren and Amanda Do It' Photo by Tina Wallace via Orlando Fringe

Here you'll find a list of all the Orlando Fringe shows happening online this week – for more information on artists and a complete list of shows, including those streaming continuously, visit All events will be found on the Orlando Fringe Facebook page (, unless they are Kids Fringe or Teen Fringe – those will be located on the Kids Fringe page ( Please note: All schedules are subject to change. Check the rating for each event, as not all events will be appropriate for all ages. And please tip the performers online!

Wednesday, May 13

2 pm VarieTEASE Award-winning Fringe favorite VarieTEASE is back to show Orlando some love! (parental guidance suggested)
3 pm KIDS FRINGE! Parsnip the Cat: A Yoga Kids Yoga Adventure Have fun doing yoga with Parsnip the Cat!
4 pm TEEN FRINGE! Dance Break with Animal Prince Just watch and dance! Dance your heart out with Animal Prince!
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE! Cesar and David's Jamboree Join David and Cesar as they sing their favorite show tunes and pop covers. (parental guidance suggested)
6 pm Dorky Dance Fitness by Sadye Osterloh Get ready to be laughing, crying (due to laughter) and sweating your pants off ... while also getting a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT! Bring your dorky attire – sweatbands, leg warmers and wedgies highly encouraged (but not required)! (all ages)
7 pm "Brit Takes Broadway" Tortured undead souls have risen from beyond the grave, and these ghouls have a message they wish to share ... using Britney Spears' best hits to channel them. The perfect campy musical theater homage for those seeking a wickedly good time. (parental guidance suggested)
8 pm Seth and Matt Watch as theater producer Lindsay Taylor turns the tables and interviews two heartbeats of the Orlando Fringe, longtime show reviewers Seth Kubersky (Orlando Weekly) and Matt Palm (Orlando Sentinel). There will also be added surprises, so you don't want to miss this! (parental guidance suggested)
9 pm Wellness Wednesday with Tempestt Associate producer Tempestt Halstead leads you through some stretches to get the blood flowing! No equipment required. (all ages)
10 pm "Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets" Rub-a-dub-dub, the Baker's dead in the tub! Now his husband the Butcher is on trial. And whatever happened to this mysterious Candlestick Maker? A single puppeteer, Adam Francis Proulx, transforms one puppet into the 12 members of the jury who must decide the Butcher's fate in this courtroom drama/puppet show/mystery/comedy/one-man show. (parental guidance suggested)

Thursday, May 14

3 pm Storytime with Brian! Fringe marketing guy and storyteller Brian Sikorski will captivate viewers with his reading of beloved children's books. (all ages)
4 pm TEEN FRINGE! Mad Science Workshop
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE "From Broadway to Shelter-in-Place" After his win for "Best Solo Show – Musical" at the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival with his show "From Broadway to Obscurity," Eric Gutman is back (virtually) to perform some of his favorite Broadway songs and other pop, rock and folk songs acoustically from his home in Michigan. (parental guidance suggested)
6 pm "Trombone Magic" Elias Faingersh ("A Solo From the Pit") performs a funny, musical storytelling show by a virtuoso musician with improvisations on topics chosen by audience. (parental guidance suggested)
7 pm "La Triviata" Join Opera del Sol for an evening of opera trivia, Tito's vodka and 'tinis, opera tunes and maybe even some tenors. Merry debauchery for opera lovers old and new. (parental guidance suggested)
8 pm Thirsty Thursdays with Jessica and Armando Fringe bar managers Jessica and Armando host a mixology class to teach you how to make some of their favorite drinks to enjoy on your own lawn! (21 and up)
9 pm Q&A With Lindsay and Mel Lindsay and Melanie have been in shows, produced shows, been associate producers on their respective teams, and now are the Theater and Visual Fringe producers of the festival. They are also both experiencing their first year as producers by navigating a canceled live festival and exploring digital options. They will talk about their time with Fringe and answer your questions. (all ages)
10 pm "Aspergers, a tale of a social misfit" Adam Schwartz is a highly sought after stand-up comedian on the autism spectrum. (parental guidance suggested)

click to enlarge 'Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets,' starring Adam Francis Proulx - Photo by Lilly Hastings
Photo by Lilly Hastings
'Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets,' starring Adam Francis Proulx

Friday, May 15

3 pm KIDS FRINGE! Music with Mar Hop online to come and play while learning! We will use music and movement to have a great time together in this interactive class. (all ages)
4 pm TEEN FRINGE! "Play-Along Distant Logical Operations for Continued Keenness (PADLOCK)" PADLOCK is the perfect opportunity for agents across the world to join in on the fun from the safety and comfort of their own homes! Presented as a livestream meeting, the audience will be able to participate in solving a unique new kind of mystery. Part Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, part Blue's Clues, all fun, PADLOCK offers a new kind of interactive puzzle-solving entertainment. (Link: Zoom – password is: PADLOCK) (all ages)
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE! Exclu the Only DJ set Catch DJ Exclu the Only providing feel-good tunes to keep you moving. (all ages)
6 pm TGIFringe Arts Industry Happy Hour We don't get together as one big, happy arts and cultural family as often as we should. Join us for a virtual happy hour to catch up with your fellow arts administration colleagues. All Central Florida arts industry professionals are welcome. (all ages)
7 pm Creative Costuming Fringe shows are always on a tight budget. What items around the house would you be willing to sacrifice for art? (all ages)
8 pm "Advice with Doc Ella" Our technical director Amy's daughter, Ella Hadley, will provide advice to patients at home. Got any questions about your future? What should you eat for dinner? There aren't any questions Doc Ella can't answer! (all ages)
9 pm "DK's Improvised Puppet Adventure" Comedian DK Reinemer will create a hilarious world full of adventure and laughter based entirely on a suggestion from the viewers. (parental guidance suggested)
10 pm "PeeVira's SCAREavan SIngAlong: Musical M.D." "PeeVira's SCAREavan SingAlong" is a fun, absurd and sensational group karaoke show. It is steered by drag, skits, games, pop culture trivia and hit songs from popular Broadway shows. It is the fourth installment to this legendary interactive show performed by the cult darling "Queen of Fringe" Madame PeeVira. (parental guidance suggested)
11 pm "Lauren and Amanda Do It" Join Lauren, Amanda and musical accompanist Alli as they test out being cam girls in a late-night talk show about sex. Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with one hot lesbian as the Roots, and two rad babes as Jimmy. This multi-award winning show makes the uncomfortable comfortable. (18 and up)
12 am Tonight at Midnight with Rauce Padgett Rauce Padgett returns to host the late-night talk show. Nobody really knows what's going to happen, but it's going to be a party. (18 and up)

Saturday, May 16

2 pm VISUAL FRINGE Paint with Jackie Grab a beverage and some art supplies and Jackie will take you through a fun rainbow tree painting step-by-step. Supplies: An open mind; paper or canvas; white, black, red, yellow, blue acrylic paints, OR any art supplies (markers, crayons, pencils, Sharpies, your last shred of sanity). (all ages)
3 pm KIDS FRINGE! Mr. Richard: Live from His Backyard! Musical fun for dancing and singing. Be sure to have your shakers, harmonica and guitar handy! (all ages)
4 pm TEEN FRINGE! Belly Dance Basics for Everyone Learn basic belly dance movements you can use every day to stay active and be happy. This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to move and smile. You can dress up with hip scarves and bells to have a more theatrical experience or wear your pajamas and just soak it all in. Welcome! (all ages)
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE Swamp Sistas La La: Hope from Home Swamp Sistas conduct a day-long streaming event from 11 am-7 pm live on and will jump into the Fringe Stream for a portion of the festivities. (all ages)
6 pm "Polly's Follies" Polly Esther returns to Orlando (virtually) with storytelling from a side of her you've never seen! (parental guidance suggested)
7 pm "Tit for Tat: A Q and A about T and A" Anything you've ever wanted to know about or ask a burly girl with Lady Jaimz! (parental guidance suggested)
8 pm "The Bikini Katie Variety Hour" You've seen it on the outdoor stage, now you can watch it from your living room! (Or any other room in your house, we won't judge.) The Bikini Katie Variety Hour is part talk show, part game show and part drinking game – put on your bathing suit and tune in for the fun. (parental guidance suggested)
9 pm VISUAL FRINGE Art Basel Exhibit 2.0 Gallery art, live in your living room. Experience looking at a piece of art in a gallery for 50 minutes. The Art Basel banana has been done. It's time for something new. (all ages)
10 pm "Josephine" This award-winning off-Broadway and international smash hit show will be broadcast in its entirety for the very first time. Starring eight-time Outstanding Performance winner Tymisha Harris as the legendary Josephine Baker, the show combines music, theater, dance and burlesque to tell the story of one of the most remarkable lives of the 20th century. Filmed professionally at the 2018 Fab Fringe Fundraiser at Plaza Live Orlando. (18 and up)

click to enlarge 'La Triviata,' by Opera Del Sol - Photo by Benjamin Jimenez via Orlando Fringe
Photo by Benjamin Jimenez via Orlando Fringe
'La Triviata,' by Opera Del Sol

Sunday, May 17

1 pm "Sfânta: Hell Bent on Heaven" Diana Lobontiu in a multicharacter solo show based on the Romanian Orthodox Saint Teodora de la Sihla, before she became a saint – back when she was just a young lesbian novitiate trying to become holy at literally any cost in 1680s Romania. (parental guidance suggested)
2 pm VISUAL FRINGE Pet Alliance Tour and Adoption Event Executive director of the Pet Alliance Steve Bardy gives a tour of the facilities and introduces viewers to some of the animals up for adoption. (all ages)
2:30 pm VISUAL FRINGE "We Draw Your Pets!" Send a photo of your pet to [email protected]. For a $5 donation, we will do a very quick drawing of your pet live! These will be done in two or three minutes max, so we are not aiming for perfection, but to have fun with art. Your artists are Melanie Leon, Bruce Costella, Lisa Hardt and Genevieve Bernard.
3 pm KIDS FRINGE! "The Magic of James Songster presents: I Don't Just Live In A Hat" In this funny and engaging Kids Fringe! exclusive, James invites viewers to "go behind the hat" to learn what it's like to share your life with a live pet rabbit. (all ages)
4 pm TEEN FRINGE! Make an Origami Fringezilla Follow this link to learn how to make an Origami Fringezilla:
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE Bobby Koelble Bobby Koelble performs an eclectic set of solo guitar music ranging from ragtime and jazz to electric fusion. (all ages)
6 pm "Playback UCF: After This" Playback theater is an interactive experience, invested in the necessity of sharing one's voice and hearing others' voices. This show's theme will be "After This," so performers will be asking for stories about the moment after a big event in your life (good or bad, recent or long ago). All participation is voluntary. (all ages)
7 pm VISUAL FRINGE Digital Character Sculpting Demo George Crudo will walk you through the process of creating a 3D character using the digital sculpting software ZBrush. (all ages)
8 pm "Joe's NYC Bar – Quarantini Edition" Your favorite watering hole is (virtually) open for business! Now more than ever, being able to commune and share is vital to our experience. Join us and be heard! (18 and up)
9 pm Willi Carlisle's Folksong Sing Along Folksinger and 2017 Orlando Fringe "Best Show" recipient Willi Carlisle regales with folk songs, stories and sing-alongs on banjo, fiddle, guitar and accordion. Special surprises and guest puppets will appear! (parental guidance suggested)
10 "Inside Outlet: A Show of Objects" Will the fork ever find love? Will the spoon find its true place in the universe? Expect toothbrush-on-hairbrush violence, pens at work and spray bottles who are the gatekeepers to a mystical face. A shadow show featuring everyday objects, performed live from the living room of the creators of Fringe hits "Caws & Effect" and "Multiple Organism." (parental guidance suggested)

Monday, May 18

3 pm KIDS FRINGE! Mad Science LIVE Interactive Workshop for Pre-schoolers Go to to watch.
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE "Vera Jade: A Moment for Music, Joy, and Love" Vera Jade is passionate about creating a reality where we are united through music, creative expression and authenticity. Join her in opening your hearts and minds as we sing, laugh and reflect on the beauty that exists within each of us. (all ages)
6 pm "When the Beer Tent Isn't an Option: Writing, Producing and Staging for Underage Artists" "When the Beer Tent Isn't an Option" is a workshop led by Ciara Hannon, who won the New Producer Award at Orlando Fringe 2019 and founded 11th Hour Productions, all while underage. This workshop is tailored to younger artists and covers bringing your ideas to the exciting world of the Orlando Fringe and why age shouldn't hold you back!
7 pm "The Peek Perspective" BlueLaLa Entertainment presents "Peek Perspective" in conjunction with FATSTAR, featuring the Ladies and LadyBoys of the Peek-a-Boo Lounge. It's not just burlesque, it shines light on a day in the life of COVID-19. (18 and up)
8 pm "Cody Clark's Magical Spectrum!" Take a trip with magician, autistic self-advocate and two-time Fringe veteran Cody Clark. Over the course of an hour, you'll learn a wide spectrum of basic magic tricks you can do with items you have at home, as well as learn about Cody's experiences living on the autism spectrum. (all ages)
9 pm "Behind Every Great Mariska Hargitay Is a Great Kurt Fitzpatrick" Kurt Fitzpatrick from Orlando Fringe 2015's "Best Picture" mixes storytelling and stand-up to weave a quirky tale about the life of a background actor in New York. (parental guidance suggested)
10 pm "Superman Drinks" Filmed at the 2011 Orlando Fringe: Chase Padgett ("6 Guitars," "Nashville Hurricane") tells this personal tale of fathers, heroes and guitar building. (all ages)

Tuesday, May 19

2 pm "Six Degrees of Bakin'" Movie-themed dishes are prepared, and then contestants try to guess the name of the film via a blind taste test. The player who gets the most right wins. Part cooking show, part game show. All delicious! (all ages)
3 pm KIDS FRINGE! Making Paper Boats Join our friend Jen from the Jane Austen Society of North America, Orlando Region and her kids Ellie and Alec, who will show us how to make paper boats that really float. Watch here:
5 pm OUTDOOR STAGE Subliminal Doubt: A Tribute to No Doubt and Gwen Stefani A tribute to one of the coolest bands of the '90s and 2000s, complete with Fake Gwen and matching accessories. (all ages)
6 pm "Bad Habits: A Nunsensical Comedy" A full-length recording of A Little Bit Off's latest show, "Bad Habits," a show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light ... and stay in it. An absurd comedic look at the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine, and the temptations they face. (all ages)
7 pm VISUAL FRINGE: Art History in Pop Culture Are selfies the new self-portrait? Are brunch Instagrams modern-day still lifes? Join the Wandering Art Historian for a closer look at how pop culture is way more connected to art history than you may think. (all ages)
8 pm "Man Cave, a One-Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy!" The last man on Earth (Timothy Mooney) broadcasts to whatever Klingons or Vulcans might still be out there listening. (parental guidance suggested)
9 pm Tech Tuesdays Chat and share stories with the Orlando Fringe techs who hold this festival together. 11 pm Flashlight Cabaret
The Creepy Boys, Grummo and Sam Kruger, host the traditional Flashlight Cabaret with some old and new Fringe favorites.

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